Romney Embraces Global Warming Hoax

Obama was reelected despite his disastrous first-term performance not only because of election fraud, but because conservatives sat home in the belief that Romney is a liberal. Whether they were right not to vote is doubtful considering the consequences, but they were certainly wise not to trust Mittens, to judge by a moonbat’s account of the keynote speech he gave at a TD Ameritrade conference:

Romney said he is now passionate about climate change, an issue that candidate Romney was reluctant to address head-on, and, if pressed, didn’t seem to think was such a big deal. …

“It is a Democrat issue but I think it’s an issue for both parties,” he said. “If you think global warming is just in America, it’s not just America. There needs to be a global understanding and a real global effort.”

In 2008, he attacked John McCain for his willingness to cripple the economy in the name of the global warming hoax. But now it appears the liberal who inflicted RomneyCare on Massachusetts has reemerged, like Mr Hyde shaking off the sensible Dr Jekyll.

As for learning a lesson about shoring up the GOP’s conservative base – this did not appear to happen. Romney regrets letting Obama out-hispander him with Spanish language ads promising government goodies paid for by others.

Fortunately, Romney says he won’t run in 2016. But he is leading the field in New Hampshire anyway. Even if Republican insiders don’t manage to coax him back onto the ballot for another loss, the rank and file have shown willingness to support a milquetoast moderate fall guy, ensuring continued Democrat rule.

Worse even that Mittens would be his running mate Paul Ryan, a faux–fiscal conservative who has supported bailouts and runaway spending, in addition to homosexual adoption and amnesty for illegal aliens. Horrifyingly, a recent poll has Ryan leading the Republican field.

Since repeated experience has established that running watered-down liberals against the Democrats’ true believer liberals doesn’t work, maybe Republicans should try a different approach. The last time they ran a conservative was 1984; they won in a landslide.

Channeling the statist spirit of the Goracle.

On tips from Mr Mentalo and Laurie. Hat tip: Climate Depot. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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