Say It Ain’t So

Pam Anderson files for divorce from Kid Rock.

The good news? She’s back on the market.

The bad news? She was so wrapped up in her personal struggles, that the usually steady PETA P.R. ship


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Life=animal life. Living=living animals. Revealing, no?


Not so much.

And, in case you’re wondering why putting live animals in a nativity scene is considered cruel, according to PETA, it’s because sometimes they run away from the scenes and get hit by cars. And, one time some animals got mauled by dogs and had to be euthanized after being in a living nativity. Really, that’s the reason.

Flashbacks from the Brilliant PETA P.R. Files:

Lynched black men=slaughtered cows

Brilliant and racially sensitive!

Your Daddy Kills Animals!

Brilliant and kid-friendly!

I’m Mary Katharine. Come visit some time.

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