School Fires Hero Security Guard For Being ‘Too Old’ Just Months After He Was Stabbed in the Chest Protecting Students From a Teen On a Deranged Stabbing Spree

The nation was shocked when 16-year-old Alex Hribal went on a stabbing spree in his Pittsburgh area school, injuring 20 people before security guard John Resetar helped stop him, earning himself some stab wounds to the chest in the process. Resetar was a hero to Americans everywhere, but his employer evidently doesn’t feel the same way — they’ve fired him for being “too old”.


John Resetar, who is employed by Capital Asset Protection Inc., a Pittsburgh-area company contracted to provide security to the Franklin Regional School District, got the shock of his life on August 4 when he found out his job was being terminated and his services were no longer needed this school year.

Resetar got the news in a letter from Jeffrey Dahlke, Capital Asset’s regional security operations manager, which read: ‘Franklin Regional and Capital came to the conclusion that … it is best … to relieve you of your duties at the school.’

… Despite what the letter states, the school district said Resetar’s termination was unexpected.

‘We had communication with the company and are trying to get more information, but it wasn’t really in our realm of control,’ said Mary Katherine Reljac, an assistant superintendent with the district.

She said the school was surprised to be mentioned in the letter.

Last April, Resetar became a national hero overnight when he helped to apprehend Alex Hribal at Franklin Regional High School after the teenage suspect allegedly stabbed 20 students with a pair of 8-inch kitchen knives.

In the process, the unarmed guard was knifed in the chest.

The entire attack unfolded in less than five minutes, as Hribal allegedly ran wildly down the school’s hallway, slashing away with knives.

‘He was stabbed on a Wednesday and he returned to work the following Monday, after having a stab wound an inch below his heart,’ Resetar’s lawyer Dawson said.

‘He’s a young 70, he was a linebacker and he can certainly still perform his job,’ he added.

Resetar worked in the school for nine years before he was told via certified mail that he was being dismissed.

Now, the man who saved the lives of countless students, is unemployed.

Resetar may be 70, but he proved that he is more than capable of performing his job when he helped saved countless lives. Is this how we reward heroes in America now?

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