Scumbag Kills Neighbors Dog and Posts Trophy Photos on Facebook

Scumbag Kills Neighbors Dog and Posts Trophy Photos on Facebook

I remember walking outside one day and there was a pit bull the size of a horse in my yard. : I called the sheriff and he said there wasn’t anything he could do, but knew what he would do if there was a pit bull in his yard. : Well, the only threat this monster posed was licking me to death, but I understand the fear a dog that size could cause. : All that was to say, a person could be justified in killing a dog, if said dog posed a threat.

However, if you killed a dog because it posed a threat, you wouldn’t pose with it like it was a trophy buck like this guy did:


A Maryland man shot dead his neighbor’s dog after it wandered on to his property, and then posted a picture of its body on Facebook.

Before killing the one-year-old dog, named Tank, Kenny Woodburn had posted a warning on social media saying if it strayed in his yard again it would die.

Hours before the shooting, the 29-year-old had posted a warning on Facebook, saying if Tank came into his yard ‘Hey going to dye today [sic]’, the: Examiner: reported.: 

Ince, whose boyfriend is currently deployed with the Air Force in Afghanistan, said she didn’t see the warning, and claimed Woodburn had never complained to her about her dog before.

This guy was looking to kill that dog. : The dog didn’t pose a threat. : It was just there.

Tell me I’m wrong.

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