See ya, DeDe Scozzafava – Next Stop Florida?

With Scozzafava’s “suspension” of her candidacy, GOP elites in Washington may have dodged a bullet. But we can’t forget that they are the ones who put conservatives into this position in the first place.:  The MSM wants to blame “angry” right wingers for the fight.:  In fact, it was just the opposite. : 

What happened in New York State ought to be a wake up call to them to stop putting forward disappointing candidates who will alienate the conservative base. (One person who really ought to have trouble sleeping today is Charlie Crist.)

But I seriously doubt GOP leaders will wake up. These people have taken conservatives for granted for so long while basking in their own genius that nothing will shake their image of themselves. A housecleaning is in order at the top of the GOP.: 

Read more on the betrayal of conservatives and how we need to fight back in my book SPEECH*LESS: Tales of a White House Survivor praised as a “must read” book by Jed Babbin and a hilarious, “laugh out loud” account of Washington by Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson, and Stephen Hayes.:

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