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Things in my life are changing… I am getting married soon, just signed an expensive lease, and I am starting a new career. When I started my little experiment, I never knew how far it would take me. I certainly never imagined how it would grow like it has. I do not wish to give it up, but I must. I started in August of 2007, and since then it has grown into a very nice site.

Some of you may be familiar with Political Lore, some of you may be familiar with my writings here… if not, I urge you to take a look. I want to sell the site to somebody who has like minded political leanings, and would rather it not go to a firm just trying to make money. Do not get me wrong, the site has been profitable… but that has never been my goal.

If you ever wanted to get into all the political action, now is a good time. I thank you all for all the support over the past years. This will not be the last you will hear of me, as I will continue posting here. Eventually, it is my goal to run for congress. That is my dream, and I hope to get there soon.

Here is the auction for the site, or you can contact me directly here with questions.

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