Soup Nazi Guy Not Pleased That Spencer Ackerman Posted His Photo in Blog Post About Obama Bin Laden’s Bodyguard-Chef


You can’t make this stuff up, and there’s an extra kick in that Spencer Ackerman famously called for a Nuremburg-style execution of former President George W. Bush.

It turns out that Larry Thomas, the actor who played “The Soup Nazi” on Seinfeld, took issue with Ackerman’s post on Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud al-Qosi, who is the first Guantanamo detainee to be convicted “in the controversial war crimes court.” Ackerman updates in a new post, “Soup Nazi Throws His Ladle at Danger Room,” with the e-mail from the Soup Nazi guy:


I am shocked and amazed today to get tons of messages that you posted my photo in an article about Osama Bin Laden….Compote of Chaos. I am a third generation American citizen and to attempt to link me to Terrorism is a gross insult and very defamatory to my career and character. Plus you also chose to use a copyrighted photo without permission. That is not a photo from the TV show but one I had commissioned and own outright. I would appreciate it if you would take my face off of your article about convicted terrorists.

Thank You,

Larry Thomas

Checking back at the Danger Room post we notice that Ackerman’s “man enough to concede that we messed up by putting a copyrighted photo of you on the blog yesterday.” Although our Bush-in-the-Hague hate-blogger thinks Thomas is a bit humorless in protesting the comparison to Obama Bin Laden’s chef.

I don’t know, but I’d bet Thomas might be even a bit more upset if he was familiar with the putrid trash Spencer Ackerman and his ilk produce daily. But hey, it’s hard to keep track of the netroots bile. And it’s especially too bad that Noah Shactman, the good guy that he is, isn’t in on some of Ackerman’s more tasteless blogging at Firedoglake. Or, at least I hope Noah isn’t in on it. It doesn’t look good for a guy who’s now a fellow at the prestigious Brookings Institution to have brought in a guy who called for President Bush’s execution to stink up the otherwise excellent Danger Room, Shactman’s orginal national security blog.

But what do I know? Maybe this is just the way it works in the JournoList kinda world we live in…

RELATED FAIL: From Columbia Journalism Review, “Spencer Ackerman to Join Wired’s Danger Room.”

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