Texas Democrat says domestic violence is “overrated”

Texas Democrat says domestic violence is “overrated”

This might be the most boneheaded, unintelligent statement from a Texas politician since Ann Richards’ opponent compared rape to the weather. (If it’s inevitable, “relax and enjoy it.”) A Democratic candidate for Harris County DA says domestic violence is “overrated.”


“Family violence is so, so overrated,” he asserted, saying that “just me touching you” would be considered “an act of family violence,” adding: “An inordinate amount of time [is] spent on that when we could get more criminals out of Harris County by doing what I suggest, I guarantee.”

Oliver said the best way to deal with such cases is to ensure they get super-speedy trials.

It will be interesting to see if liberals and feminists “stand by their man” and vote for this guy anyway.:  I’m betting they will. After all, Bill Clinton’s history of sexual harassment never hurt him with the base.

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