Texas: Teacher Seizes Second Grade Student’s Bible During “Read To Myself” Time…

Do you know if your child’s teacher is anti-Christian? In the very Christian state of Texas a 7-yr old child’s teacher bullied them and took away their Bible during personal reading time, really.


Would the teacher take away a Koran from a Muslim student? No, because that would be “intolerant,” or something.

CYPRESS, Texas – The family of a 2nd grade student at Hamilton Elementary says their daughter’s book of choice — the Bible — was an issue of concern for her teacher, and that two weeks ago, during a “read to myself” time, the girl’s teacher took her Bible away.

The family did not go to the school’s principal, instead, reaching out to the Liberty Institute, to convey its concerns to Cy-Fair ISD.

The family wants to remain anonymous, fearing retaliation.

Michael Berry, senior counsel with the Liberty Institute, says the alleged incident happened about two weeks ago. He added that Hamilton Elementary’s library contains copies of the Bible.

“So if it’s appropriate for their own library, why on Earth would it not be appropriate for their own students,” said Berry.

Parent Jennifer Muse found the news upsetting.

“They are letting them read the Hunger Games, that’s kids killing kids, why can’t she read the Bible,” said Muse.

In a statement, it said that during a student’s independent reading time, kids are required to read a book that is “just right,” meaning kids can read most of the words, comprehend the text, and that it’s appropriate for the genre that is being taught.

Too often as parents we drop our children off in the care and custody of people we don’t know. How often do we ask our children questions about the character and personality of their teachers? Our lives are too busy and the left is taking advantage of this ‘forgotten time’ in our parenting. They’ve got our children 6-7 hours of the waking day and we’ve got them the other 5-8 waking hours. Those teachers are asking questions about us… why are we not asking questions about them?

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