Texas woman ‘murdered her baby son by burying him ALIVE face down in a shallow grave’

Texas woman ‘murdered her baby son by burying him ALIVE face down in a shallow grave’

She buried her 2-month son alive in the mud- -facedown– because she just didn’t want him.

narjes Modarresi killed infant

A Texas woman on trial for the death of her 2-month-old son blames severe bipolar disorder for her deplorable actions.

‘You will hear from a doctor who believes that ‘but-for’ the severe mental illness suffered by Narjes Modarresi, this tragedy would not have occurred,’ said Modarresi’s defense attorney, George Parnham, in opening statements at the Harris County District Court.

Modarresi, 32, could be sentenced to life without parole if convicted. Prosecutors argue Modarresi’s actions were far more calculated.

‘She woke up on April 21, 2010 and decided to kill Masih Golabbakhsh,’ said Assistant Harris County District Attorney Sunni Mitchell. ‘He was a child she never wanted and never loved. He was in her way.’

The baby was her second child. He was killed after being buried facedown in the mud outside West Houston’s Buffalo Bayou. At first, she claimed two men in a beige Chevrolet kidnapped the boy while she walked him in a stroller. But according to the Houston Chronicle, a neighbor told prosecutors they say her run and crash the stroller, with no baby in it, into a curb on purpose. She then allegedly called 911 to report the child missing.

After speaking to her neighbors, authorities finally confronted Modarresi who took them to the baby’s grave. Parnham promised to convince jurors his client was unstable with evidence from psychological evaluations, records of two suicide attempts in her teens, and on psychotic episode on the flight home from her native Iran that forced the plane to perform an emergency landing in Qatar.

Her mental health could be a mitigating factor in sentencing. If convicted of capital murder she will automatically be sentenced to life in prison. But if convicted of a lesser offense like murder, punishments could range from five years to life in prison.

Narjes was most likely mentally ill when committing the crime but being mentally ill does not hold her blameless for murder. I disagree with courtrooms using mental illness as an excuse for bad behavior. She should be tried like anyone else for her crimes and treated like a dangerous criminal if she did do the deed. Mental illness is a terrible condition that with treatment is controllable and the individual makes that choice to keep control of their faculties. Baby Masih had no choice as the 2-year old suffered the irreversible condition called- death.

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