The Daily Kos Post Of The Day: The American People Are Evil

What America is doing in Iraq is eeeeevvvvvviiillll — or so says Daily Kos diarist Welshman. Is it any big surprise that liberals are rooting for America to lose in Iraq when they believe that what we’re doing there is evil? By the way, the “I hate America” sentiment is apparently running high at the most popular liberal blog in the world, because this post is a “recommended diary” at the Daily Kos,

“It is the darkest of evils that we are supporting and perpetuating in (Iraq). We cannot ignore our ownership of these atrocities. We read stories of our troops standing by and being shocked by what they are witnessing as their “”allies” in the Iraqi Army handle prisoners. We know of the interrogation methods in the prisons and we know of the corruption and evil of the “democracy” that we have created.

If we speak of this in terms of our responsibility, we are taunted that we do not love our country, just as we are taunted that our demands for withdrawal shows that we do not support our troops. No politician dare speak of this and no newspaper may write of this in terms of what we, the people, are responsible for in Iraq and in our nations. The evil that we have become cannot be spoken out loud.

I have lived through the period of the Vietnam War. I never thought in my lifetime that we would commit the same mistakes again. That we have done so is because we have never allowed the truth of what we were at that time to be truly accepted into our history.

We need to face that truth. Unless we speak that truth a victory in terms of the passing of a vote or the impeachment of Bush or election success in 2008, or whatever else we choose as our measure, is meaningless.

…That truth is that you and I, our family, our neighbours down the street, our governments that we elect and our nations in whom we trust are perpetuating evil.”

PS: Yes, you can question the patriotism of the Kossacks now.

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