The Third Annual Warblogger Awards For 2004

In order to recognize the excellent work some of our fellow bloggers have been doing, RWN has put together the “3rd Annual Warblogger Awards”. More than 200 bloggers were invited to vote for their favorite blog in 16 different categories…

The Funniest Blog
Best Non-American Blog
Best Group Blog
Best Looking Blog
Most Missed (The best blog that’s out of business now)
Best Up and Coming Blogger (Which small to medium sized blog do you see
becoming really big in the next year?)
Favorite Columnist Who’s Not A Blogger
Least Liked Columnist Who’s Not A Blogger
Favorite Political Website That’s Not A Blog
Favorite Left-Of-Center Blogger
Most Annoying Left-Of-Center Blogger
Most Annoying Right-Of-Center Blogger
Most Overrated Blog
Best Linker (Which blog has the most interesting links to other pages?)
The Best Original Content For A Blog

You can see all the results by clicking here.

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