This Week in Automotivators, October 29-November 4

Another theme this week: bet you can guess what it is without even looking.

Link: Jammie Wearing Fool. But that wasn’t the theme. Here:

And that one was discussed in slightly more detail here.

Hey, we can hope. Also: it probably wouldn’t matter.

Now a touch of good news:

Perhaps lost in all the bad news: the GOP retook control of Wisconsin’s state senate, giving Republicans complete control of Wisconsin’s government…again. In fact, it looks like we’ll be exactly one seat shorter in 2013 than we were in 2011, before all that recall nonsense went on.

Of course, without all that recall nonsense, Republicans would have 20 seats in the Senate today instead of 18. So fleeing the state is still an option for Democrats, if they want.


Yeah, Lance. Link: Roger Simon.



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