This Week in Automotivators, October 29-November 4

There were really only two stories out there this week. Okay, there were more, but the rest were boring. Duly reflected.

I’ll depart momentarily from the usual stack of automotivators now, just because I’ve had this picture a while:

Which leads me into:

Okay, so there were two stories this week. I’m choosing to focus mostly on the fun one.

Aww, poor Luke. Of course, if he’d made a few better choices previously…


One does wonder, if Episode VII is going to continue the story of Luke, Leia, and Han, will they cast the same 60- and 70-year-old actors to play the same parts? Or find younger replacements?

And if so, who? Who else ould possibly play those roles?

And, returning briefly to Sandy:

Click here if you don’t get that one. And as of now, the answer is: yes.


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