‘Time to Forget the United States…’: Beck Says the ‘Fundamental Transformation’ of America Has Already Happened

Glenn Beck says that while things may change for the better, America is no longer the country to which he used to swear allegiance:

A fiery Glenn Beck asserted Wednesday that the “fundamental transformation” of America has already occurred, and it is “time to forget the United States of America that you know.”

“If this is what is [I am] required to pledge allegiance to, I am no longer a citizen of this country,” Beck said. “If I am required to pledge allegiance to that, I proudly declare now for my grandchildren’s ears, I am not a part of [it].”

Beck was referring to then-candidate Barack Obama’s pledge that “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America” with his election.

“If they say, you’re an American citizen, and that means we can spy on our own people without a court order … against the Constitution. We can kill babies, abort babies. We can arrest journalists who are trying to leak information to make sure the American people know what’s going on. We can kill our own citizens without trial because the government has decided that the president can just sign an execution order … We can leave our own people behind in Benghazi and then blame it on somebody else. Throw his butt in prison, then lie about it. Get caught and say, ‘what difference does it make,’ I am not a part of that,” Beck said.

Unfortunately, most of the grievances listed by Beck existed long before President Obama. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Obama is not the problem. He’s merely the logical conclusion of decades of bad Presidents, bad Members of Congress, and a disgusting bureaucracy, all of which is the fault of the American people for voting in favor of these bad politicians.

This is why the current battle is not between Republicans and Democrats, but statists and defenders of individual freedom.

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