Two Dems and A Union President Received Communist Awards at Event Held In a Public School

Two Dems and A Union President Received Communist Awards at Event Held In a Public School

More like three communists, but who’s counting:

Photo Credit:  PW/Henry Lowendorf

Photo Credit: PW/Henry Lowendorf

According to an article on the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) News,: People’s World, in December of 2013 a Communist award ceremony was held in a New Haven Connecticut: public high school: auditorium where the Democrat State Rep, Former Democrat State Senator and the local Union President all received awards:

NEW HAVEN, CONN. – From the opening video and drumming to the remarks of the awardees, songs, youth slide show and finale, an atmosphere of unity and optimism inspired the entire multi-racial audience at the 2013 People’s World Amistad Awards, held in the auditorium of Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School…

…In his closing remarks Rev. Scott Marks brought the crowd to its feet as he called for door-to-door organizing that will “move forward” the fight for jobs and other needs. “I will not go back!” he exclaimed passionately.

Marks and all the awardees praised the vision and work of the Communist Party in their communities. The event was held on the occasion of the CPUSA’s 94th anniversary.

Former state Senator Ed Gomes, a steelworker, state representative Edwin Vargas, a teacher, and: Laurie Kennington, president of Local 34 clerical and technical workers at Yale all accepted large framed posters of the Amistad statue that stands in front of New Haven City Hall, cheered on by family, friends, co-workers, elected officials and union and community leaders.

Seems a fitting place to have a communist awards ceremony, doesn’t it?

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