TX- Students Launch Movement To Stand Up To Michelle Obama Over School Lunch: “No More, Mrs. Obama!”

When was the last time you heard a movement of school kids standing up to the First Lady of the United States? From the Highway Beautification Act of Lady Bird Johnson to the Just Say No campaign of Nancy Reagan to the National Literacy program of Laura Bush… there has been no program so intrusive on the rights of children as Michelle Obama’s work to fight childhood obesity. The problem is the food portions have: severely decreased: while the nutritional value: has not; many kids who are being put on a diet by the First Lady are fit and trim. Kids across the nation have been posting pictures of their lunches but now : a group in Texas has decided to organize a protest against Mrs. Obama.

School Lunch campaign no more

Go kids! You can promote healthy lunches without draconian calorie counts for growing kids. But then again what do I know? Bow to the statist lunch nazis!

Via IJR:

Students are fed up with the meager portion sizes and bland taste of Michelle Obama-mandated school lunches. They’ve stunned their parents and the rest of America with pictures like this:

school lunches small

Now, some Texas teens are taking it a step further. The students, who are part of their high school’s Turning Point USA chapter, are launching a #LunchMovement with one simple message: “No More, Mrs. Obama.”

They want students across the country to join them by tweeting the hashtag #lunchmovement with pictures of their disappointing school lunches.

10, 13 or 16 are GREAT ages to learn about the soap box system in our country. Support your local movement and get involved by encouraging your kids to tweet to the online protest at #LunchMovement.

Why Students Loathe Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Overhaul In Pictures

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