WARNING: DISTURBING PHOTOS of child starved under stairs by his OWN PARENTS

I came across the most violent story of abuse and neglect toward a child from his own monstrous parents. I have posted pictures of the story but I warn you they are very disturbing. A father and pregnant stepmother have been arrested after they allegedly kept their five-year-old son locked under the stairs while starving him.

Tammi Bleimeyer child abuse 4

Police discovered a locked closet with a mattress after being called to a home following a disturbance last Thursday between Bradley Bleimeyer, 24, and his 16-year-old stepson. The teenager had allegedly objected to his younger stepbrother being kept under the stairs at the home in Spring, Harris County, Texas. The child’s stepmother Tammi Bleimeyer, 33, had fled the home with the boy before officers arrived, according to click2houston. Bleimeyer, who is six months’ pregnant, refused to return to the home when contacted by police. She was tracked to a motel in Humble by her cellphone where she was found with the boy.

Tammi Bleimeyer child abuse 2

The child was taken to hospital where he was treated for a large cut on his back, bumps and bruises and severe malnourishment. He remains at Texas Children’s Hospital where Child Protective Services have applied for emergency custody. Tammi Bleimeyer was charged with endangering a child and released on $2,000 bond. Bradley Bleimeyer, who was already out on bond for a burglary charge, was also charged with endangering a child. The 24-year-old, who has spent time in jail and has string of prior convictions, is being held without bond.

Tammi Bleimeyer child abuse 3

Bradley Bleimeyer is the biological father of the five-year-old. His expectant wife is the biological mother of six children including the 16-year-old boy. All the children are being cared for by family but CPS is expected to gain custody shortly. The health of the other children is currently unknown. Assistant Chief Deputy Mark Herman told Kens5 he had never seen anything like it in his 30 year career. ‘He was severely under nourished, bone sticking out, bumps, bruises. His skin was coming off on his back. It’s a horrific horrific situation,’ he said. MailOnline was awaiting a comment from Harris County Precinct 4 officers.

I do not understand how anyone could treat a child with such maliciousness. What kind of person can hear a tiny child cry days on end pleading for food and do nothing. Both of these people should be locked up for a very, very long time. My heart goes out to him and his siblings who were witness to this tale.

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