What makes Michael Brown so much more special than Cardell Williamson?

When Michael Brown died he was holding a box of stolen cigars he lifted from a michael brownconvenience. The criminal act was caught on video sealing his true legacy as a thief.


When Cardell Williamson died he might have been holding a baby rattle because he was only 20 months old. It’s pretty hard not to conclude Williamson was a true innocent capered to the #NotAnAngel Michael Brown. Yet it is for the dubious young Brown that people in #Ferguson marched in the streets, rioted on the corners, and looted stores in the dark of night.


Brown became a national civil right martyr/undercover myth. Celebrities and even some White House representatives attended his funeral demanding justice against the white cop who put a bullet in his head.


The circumstance of Michael Brown’s death is yet to be officially determined. But, that didn’t stop the Civil Rights Industrial Complex from decreeing what happened to him. It’s time to get Whitey once and for all!


Yet for Cardell Williamson, a child not even potty trained, didn’t get a pebble thrown in his memory. Nobody marched. A 20 month old was dead by getting thrown to the floor, stomped on his chest three times and put in a tub of scalding hot water. That’s how he died and Al Sharpotiun isn’t concerned about little Cardell.


You see, he was killed by a 40 year old daycare center worker who treated him like a Narf football. And she was an African American. Shh, keep this quiet. Let’s not make a big fuss about the true innocent, Cardell. His death doesn’t move the morally bankrupt civil rights agenda forward.


Originally posted at The Last Tradition

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