Wisconsin Taxpayers Shelling Out Tens of Thousands of Dollars For “White Privilege Conference”

If you don’t think it’s a good idea to send educators and government employees to a conference to learn how “to dismantle the (American) system of ‘white supremacy, white privilege and oppression’” in order to create “a more equitable world,” then you’re a racist:


A new report reveals the annual White Privilege Conference — regularly promoted by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction — is costing the state’s taxpayers a lot of green.

At least one black civil rights leader referred to the conference organizers as “extremists” and called the event a “useless” waste of taxpayer money.

According to Wisconsin Reporter, taxpayers are unwittingly spending tens of thousands of dollars to send various educators, government employees and K-12 students to the four-day conference where they’ll learn how “to dismantle the (American) system of ‘white supremacy, white privilege and oppression’” in order to create “a more equitable world.”

Nobody can say for certain how much taxpayers are paying to help make the conference happen, as tax dollars are being spent through various grants, registration fees and sponsorship deals. Wisconsin Reporter says the grand total is at least $20,000, though the final figure will probably never be known.

Madison Area Technical College is a White Privilege Conference sponsor to the tune of $3,000. MATC official Malika Evanco defended the expenditure as a wise “investment.”

The good news is, Wisconsin in flush in funds thanks to Gov. Scott Walker.

The bad news is, Walker’s white and therefore racist, or something.

Hat Tip: Weasel Zippers

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