Yet Another Body Found Near Southern Border As Illegal Immigration Death Toll Rises

Yet Another Body Found Near Southern Border As Illegal Immigration Death Toll Rises

Nothing left but bones:

A human skull and the decomposed skeletal remains are all that is left of a person who decided to come to this country illegally. A total of 42 bodies have been found this year in the desert-like ranch fields surrounding the town of Falfurrias.

The body was reported by another illegal immigrant who had been captured the day before. A search of the field, located on the northern portions of the Cage Ranch by Border Patrol agents found the decomposed body under a mesquite tree not far from the natural gas pipeline being constructed through the western portions of Brooks County.

Animals had taken their toll on the body as there were mostly skeletal remains. The skull was located about ten feet away from the rest of the body.

The grisly scene was a pointed reminder of just how dangerous this journey is and how desperate the illegal immigrants must be.


And there are children making this journey because President Obama has sent the word out that if you make it you stay.

And let’s not forget John Lewis:

If our doors are open, why do some need a passport? Or others need to pass a citizenship exam?

Just stupid. This kind of talk gets people killed trying to sneak across the border.

That’s a fact.

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