Are You Ready For The United Nations’ Green Helmets?

Because the UN does such a wonderful job with their Blue Helmets

A special meeting of the United Nations security council is due to consider whether to expand its mission to keep the peace in an era of climate change.

Small island states, which could disappear beneath rising seas, are pushing the security council to intervene in a threat to their very existence.

There has been talk, meanwhile, of a new environmental peacekeeping force — green helmets — which could step into conflicts caused by shrinking resources.

The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon, is expected to address the meeting on Wednesday.

But Germany, which called the meeting, has warned it is premature to expect the council to take the plunge into green peacemaking or even adopt climate change as one of its key areas of concern.

The UN has done a wonderful job with peacekeeping duties. It was great how they stopped the genocide in Rwanda back in 1993. Kept the Serbs from slaughtering thousands. Never used “criminal lunatics” to fill quotas. Never engaged in rapes or trafficking of children for sex. Quite frankly, all those island nations who are worried about the seas jumping up 2,000 feet and swallowing them up should think twice about letting the UN come and “help” them.

And then there is the whole issue that the seas are not rising any faster than they have for the past 1,000 years. In fact, some data suggests that the seas are going down, which happens when the world cools. But, mostly sea level rise is consistent with what has been going on for the last 7,000 years, since the big rise from the end of the last ice age stabilized.

Can anyone actually name an island that has disappeared under the waves from global warming?

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