Durban Wrapup: Landmark Deal To Do Something Later And Party Now

So, the official part of COP17 in Durban, S.A., is over, and the delegates are taking fossil fueled flights (in lots of private planes) home. What did they accomplish? Basically, they kicked the can down the road

(AP) A U.N. climate conference reached a hard-fought agreement Sunday on a far-reaching program meant to set a new course for the global fight against climate change.

The 194-party conference agreed to start negotiations on a new accord that would ensure that countries will be legally bound to carry out any pledges they make. It would take effect by 2020 at the latest.

In fact, they are going to start talks next year which will conclude in 2015, which means 4 more years of awesome climate vacations conferences in far off exotic vacation spots.

The deal doesn’t explicitly compel any nation to take on emissions targets, although most emerging economies have volunteered to curb the growth of their emissions.

Of course not. Said 3rd world shitholes emerging economies (with little to offer which is why they have been “emerging” forever) can easily curb the growth of their emissions since they have little to no industrial base and little to no power industry. But, they will get a ton of money from countries with actual economies to build their slush funds.

Currently, only industrial countries have legally binding emissions targets under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. Those commitments expire next year, but they will be extended for at least another five years under the accord adopted Sunday – a key demand by developing countries seeking to preserve the only existing treaty regulating carbon emissions.

And the vast majority of countries failed to even get close to their binding targets under Kyoto.

The United States was a reluctant supporter, concerned about agreeing to join an international climate system that likely would find much opposition in the U.S. Congress.

There’s a big reason why it is important to win back the Senate and White House, and keep control of the House: stopping this kind of massive idiocy, which is simply a way to transfer tons of money to the government and the United Nations, as well as giving the government and the UN massive control over our lives and economies. China and India might join, but neither will destroy their economies for the sake of a fake issue. They talk the talk, especially China, which increased its CO2 emissions by 171% since 2000. But they do little. They understand that a meager 0.8C temperature increase since 1900 is no big deal, and that a warmer world is not necessarily a bad thing. Longer growing seasons, less need for heating fuel. Oh, and that anthropogenic global warming is a fake issue.

Tom Nelson has a few great links on the ending of COP17.

Climate Depot has an exclusive draft of what the climahysterics are pushing, which includes an international climate court, the “rights” of Mother Earth, war is to end, and, oh, the West will contribute all the money which will first go to the UN, which will not have account for where the money goes.

Otherwise, though, everything seemed hunky dory for the COP17 wrapup in 140 characters or less

(nagidapc) Feeling disillusioned with the UN process- decisions passed more due to exhaustion/lack of clear communication, not active consent #COP17

(climatepanda) #cop17 . Done. Can’t be too happy though. Barely applause.

(Kate Sheppard) @keithkloor per earlier question, disappointment here seems as high as Copenhagen, but dysfunction is longer in duration in Durban. #COP17

(alisdaniela) is true @adammacisaac: Watching the failure of #COP17 via 140 character messages is a slow painful process. #UNFCCC #Climate #durban

But, watching the failure of COP17 in 140 characters was amusing. Especially all those tweets about the great parties. COP18 will be in Qatar, which actually has a big vacation industry. Oh, and is #20 on the world oil production list.

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