Is This the BIGGEST Pimple Pop of All Time? [WARNING: GRAPHIC] [VIDEO]

Is This the BIGGEST Pimple Pop of All Time? [WARNING: GRAPHIC] [VIDEO]

The video you’re about to see is one epic pimple-popping journey. It starts out with a young man popping a pimple on his nose that was so big, it actually splattered blood across the mirror. But that was nothing compared to the giant pimple that came next.


A man was in a doctor’s office having a gigantic pimple on his back removed. It was so big, there was a huge white circle that dwarfed the needle the doctor used to numb the skin. But he wasn’t the only one with a pimple to be popped in the video: there were several massive pimples to be destroyed here.

And viewers had a lot of fun with this video, too… or rather, making fun of the people in it:

The first video that kid squeals like a pig. lol.

OMGSH I just wanted to put on some gloves, jump through the video and squeeze the heck out of it!!!!! And wipe it with some force and thoroughly!!!!

What a sissy! Anyone else want to tie him down and just squeeze the darn thing?

its senstive cuz its infective!!! if your going to do it your self , then suck it up and deal with the pain !!!! what would you expect!?!?!

this dude with it on his arm is ridiculous. ow babe it’s so sensitive. yeah and it will be til you get it all out. man up and squeeze the damn thing. ugh

Ouch. Maybe next time, these people will learn to go to a professional, like Dr. Pimple Popper herself.

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