Liberals’ “Civil Discourse” Calls for Palin’s Assassination

As we pointed out earlier today, liberals/Democrats/whatEVER have totally ignored THEIR president’s call for “civil discourse” in politics.: : : Some pretty vicious anti-Palin posters were put up in San Francisco:  even before he finished his speech in Tucson.: 

: Fox News reports it is getting much worse. There is a campaign on Twitter calling for Sarah Palin’s assassination. Is the FBI involved yet?: 

FOX News:

Critics of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin have turned to Twitter to post hate “tweets” suggesting that “she should be shot” and “assassinated.”

A four-minute video montage of the the “tweets” — apparently sent after Saturday’s massacre in Arizona that left six people dead and 14 wounded, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords — was posted to YouTube on Tuesday.

“My hatred for Sarah Palin continues to grow… I think this woman should be assassinated. Sorry about chya,” was a message posted by “jenbobbi.”

Another user, “misskate83,” posted: “Sarah Palin should be shot for her encouragement of fanaticism against Democrats.”

Calls to Twitter and YouTube were not returned on Thursday. Twitter’s terms of service read that all content “whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, is the sole responsibility of the person who originated such content. “We may not monitor or control the content posted via the services and, we cannot take responsibility for such content,” the social network says.

[…] Another user, embryodb, posted: “am I wrong to say sarah palin should be shot, fully realizing it would just crystallize radical right wing retards into more violence?”

FBI spokesman Paul Bresson declined to comment. A call to a Palin spokesman also was not immediately returned. Hemanshu Nigam, founder of SSP Blue, an online safety and security consulting company, said most social network companies like Twitter ban hate speech or threats and have “solid mechanisms” in place to report such messages to law enforcement authorities.

“The messages that I saw ranged in the level of hatred as well as a level of threats,” Nigam told “There are some that are alarmingly harsh and I think it would be a good idea if Twitter could review them and take action where appropriate. Every case is different, but Twitter does have the right to take action.”

I encourage everyone to report the Twitter user-names in this video or others on Twitter or Facebook ( I continue to see them now) : to the FBI in your area and to the police departments in each user’s city.

Warning:Graphic content.

I saved: Tweets : of “MissKate83″ who is Kate Shoop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who is bragging about her death threats against Sarah Palin:

MissKate83 Kate Shoop

I didn’t see your @ reply @fsmikey about Mazza because I literally got 25+ hate messages from #TeaParty members about my Sarah Palin tweets
MissKate83 Kate Shoop
WOW I guess I’m the new most hated person on Twitter because I think Sarah Palin should get a taste of her own medicine. @JonDelano
MissKate83 Kate ShoopI wonder if I’ll end up on Palin’s “Crosshairs” map? LOL Sorry I’m spewing “blood libel” again!
MissKate83 Kate Shoop
@JonDelano did you know the tea party created a video compilation of tweets against Palin, and put it on youtube?

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