Things Are Getting Serious: Russia just threatened to NUKE This country

Things Are Getting Serious: Russia just threatened to NUKE This country

United States investigative journalist, Robert Parry, reports that Russia will deploy nuclear weapons upon Turkey if Turkey harms Russia’s Syrian strike force.

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“A source close to Russian President Vladimir Putin told me that the Russians have warned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that Moscow is prepared to use tactical nuclear weapons if necessary to save their troops in the face of a Turkish-Saudi onslaught.

Since Turkey is a member of NATO, any such conflict could quickly escalate into a full-scale nuclear confrontation.”

Putin has since received warnings from world leaders stating that Russia will be liable for any attacks his military commits .

If someone threatened your troops, then wouldn’t you protect them too? Or is Putin taking his strikes on Syrian forces too far?

Debate this.

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