77 Examples Of Voter Fraud Registered To Same Phony Address in North Carolina

Asheville, NC – In what they call an “invitation for another chaotic election,” the Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina, today asked Buncombe County election officials to curtail the practice of registering voters from addresses that don’t exist.


“It’s baffling that anybody can vote with a false registration address,” said Jay DeLancy, “but that looks like the policy of the Buncombe County Board of Elections. We found 342 voters registered to false addresses, 77 of them to the fictional address called Zero Tunnel Road.”

There is no such address as Zero Tunnel Road. The group provided emails from Buncombe County Emergency services and from a US Postal Service representative, confirming the Tunnel Road address is inadequate.

“I understand you are looking for an address of 0 TUNNEL RD ASHEVILLE NC 28805 or ZERO TUNNEL RD ASHEVILLE BC 28805. No such address exists within our e911 database,” according to an email message VIP-NC received from Stuart Rohrbaugh, The Emergency Address Coordinator for the City of Asheville’s Development Services Department.

“We considered mailing a letter to these 77 voters,” DeLancy said, “but the Post Office spared us the expense when they told us that “any mailing with a zero as a street number will be returned to sender as an insufficient address.”

Seventy-six of the Zero Tunnel Road voters all listed a mobile home community at 1314 Tunnel Road as their mailing address and one listed a Black Mountain PO Box. ”This Election Board is demonstrating a sort of schizophrenia when it comes to where voters live,” said DeLancy. “Two years ago, the principle of voters voting from ‘where they lay their head,’ allowed a hundred Warren Wilson College students to change their ballots after voting, causing all sorts of chaos. Now, we’ve found 342 people who cannot possibly lay their heads at these false addresses and this office should live by their own rules before someone loses a close election and challenges all these voters.”

Today, the group turned over their research to Trina Parker, showing the records of 342 registered Buncombe County voters, who all listed fictional voter registration addresses in and around Asheville .

“These are public records,” DeLancy said, “but we’re only giving them to the BOE. While we have no reason to suspect foul play, the Buncombe County elections office has a civic duty to fix this problem before it becomes [sic] causes problems in an election.”

This post was used with the permission of Watchdog Wire.

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