FBI Used New “Culturally Sensitive” Arrest Rules Against S. Florida Imams

Just when you thought the dhimmitude couldn’t get more ridiculous…..

Dozens of federal agents appeared at the early morning prayer Saturday to arrest Hafiz Muhammad Sher Ali Khan, the frail 76-year-old imam, and two of his sons – including one who led the Masjid Jamaat Al-Mumineen Mosque in Margate – on charges of funneling money to the Pakistani Taliban to buy weapons and support militant training. Hafiz Khan and son Izhar Khan, 24, made their first appearance in federal court in Miami on Monday. Irfan Khan was scheduled to appear in federal court in Los Angeles late Monday afternoon. (snip)

But in at least small ways, the South Florida arrests also signaled a subtle positive shift in dealings between federal law enforcement agencies and the Muslim-American community it has monitored closely since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The raids were conducted under new national rules of engagement intended to show more sensitivity toward religious practices and tamp down the flames of haters after a series of outreach meetings in South Florida this year among federal law enforcers and Muslim leaders.

These new rules include “outreach programs”, talking points stressing that no one else in the mosque is a bad person, that they’re “as American as apple pie,” along with special training “aimed at enhancing law enforcement officers’ cultural competence and sensitivity on issues involving the Arab, Muslim and Sikh American communities.” Anyone else get the feeling that the Islamists are getting a really good laugh over these rules?

After the heavily armed agents flooded the grounds of the Flagler Mosque, a small converted house in a modest neighborhood west of Milam Dairy Road and north of Flagler Drive, they waited for morning prayer to finish before arresting Khan outside.

“Instead of barging in with 25 agents and trampling all over the place, one agent took off his shoes and went in,” he said. “”They respected the congregation that was there.”

OK, waiting for the morning prayers to end is simply standard common courtesy. Anyone thing they would be forced to have sensitivity if it was a Christian, Jewish, or Mormon church?

Oh, BTW, these new rules didn’t work: the Muslim community is still pissed off at the FBI about the raid and arrests….hey, why aren’t they pissed at the 3 who are charged with material support to the Taliban, a repressive, fundamentalist Islamic group which is linked to terrorism, treats women harshly, and practices a harsh form of Sharia law?

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