Taliban Attacks US Embassy In Kabul – Does Obama Still Want To Talk With Them?

Hey, remember back in 2009 when Obama signaled he was willing to talk with the Taliban? And how back in March he was thinking about how to talk with the Taliban (and Hezbollah)? And in May, we learned he was actually holding peace talks with the Taliban? Yeah, how’s that working?

Suicide bomb and gun attacks have hit central Kabul, with a string of blasts targeting the US embassy and at least one death reported in a suicide attack in the west of the Afghan capital.

Gunmen are holed up in a high-rise building overlooking the city centre, exchanging gunfire with police.

The Taliban say they are behind the attacks. (snip)

Tuesday’s attacks appear to be a complex operation, with a number of suicide bombers targeting Kabul’s upmarket embassy district, while others struck the west of the city, near the parliament. (snip)

Around five attackers are coordinating their operation from the high rise building which is under construction just 300m from the US embassy, correspondents say, with a rocket-propelled grenade apparently overshooting the embassy.

US officials confirmed the attack around the embassy. “There are no casualties at this time among embassy personnel,” said a spokeswoman.

This is the folly of leftists around the world: they think if they are just nice enough, and open a dialogue, they can reason with barbarians. Meanwhile, the barbarians use that time to foment and plan attacks, and have no intention to seek “peace in our time.” These Islamists despise modern culture (though they’re willing to use weapons they couldn’t possibly invent or build), despise Western civilization, and especially despise America for our freedoms and modern lifestyle. They prefer to live like it is 1200 AD, and want to spread their brand of extremist Islam around the world, including notions of women as chattel, stoning women who are involved in adultery, hanging gays, cutting off hands of thieves, and marrying and having sex with children, much as their “prophet” did. Yet, the worldwide left, which always states they are for “civil rights”, gays, women, and such, coddles these same barbarians.

Of course, lefties also refuse to go live in those same areas in order to spread awareness and understanding. Most know they will be treated pretty bad. They’re naive, not complete morons. Well, it could be that they just refuse to give up their fancy dress cocktail parties where they discuss how mean Conservatives are when it comes to these barbarians.

The Telegraph has live updates on the attacks.

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