Moonbat Tech: Jump Rope Generator

With Comrade Obama all but declaring war on the oil and coal industries that make our cars go and the lights come on, it’s a good thing that his fellow moonbats have the smarts to generate power by other means. The E Rope, for example:

Besides being good for your flubber, skipping seems to be a good way for harnessing energy to recharge batteries. I know this idea is not so new; we have seen how jumping a rope can power a torch and juice batteries. However design is not only about problem solving, but also about refining existing solutions, hence the E Rope.

As conventional energy sources are gradually crushed out of existence by our liberal rulers, new applications will be found for the E Rope. Imagine the power plants of our utopian future: rows and rows of public employees frantically jumping rope to keep the lights on in government buildings. Combating fossil fuel use, unemployment, and obesity all at once — that’s progress!

More reliable than windmills.

On a tip from Air2air. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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