Self-Mutilating Inmate Demands Free Sex Change

Remember Stanley Thornton, the “adult baby” who spends his days wallowing in an oversized crib and soiling his diapers on the taxpayers’ dime, and who threatened to kill himself if Big Government cuts off the flow of other people’s money? Convict Ophelia De’lonta has issued a still more disturbing threat. The inmate at Buckingham Correctional Center in Dillwyn, Virginia is suing the state to provide him with a sexual mutilation procedure at public expense. He says if he doesn’t get his way, he’ll keep trying to castrate himself:

Ophelia De’lonta, 50, says she [sic] needs the surgery to treat her [sic] gender identity disorder, a condition in which people believe they were born the wrong gender.

“This is not something that I have any control over,” said De’lonta, who was born Michael Stokes. “This is just how I was born.”

How encouraging that a transsexual can accept the way he was born. But admitting to his own chromosomes is too radical a step toward embracing reality.

De’lonta, who developed breasts with the use of hormones won under a 2004 court order, has tried self-surgery several times in the past. Her [sic] urges had been kept in check in recent years with the help of hormones and other treatments.

But De’lonta, who has perfectly plucked eyebrows and wears make-up, snapped on Oct. 8 when a jail guard at the all-male Buckingham Correctional Center referred to her [sic] as “he.”

“I screamed ‘She, dammit!’ becoming so overwhelmed it was hard to breathe,” said De’lonta, who was sentenced at age 18 to more than 70 years in prison on robbery, drugs and weapons charges.

After crying herself [sic] to sleep, De’lonta papered over her [sic] cell door’s window and covered the toilet with towels.

Apparently he did this while sleepwalking.

Then, using the knowledge she [sic] gained from mail-order anatomy books, De’lonta spent three hours trying to cut off what she [sic] refers to as “that thing” between her [sic] legs.

She [sic] eventually passed out — and 21 stitches were needed to repair the damage.

“It’s like if this doesn’t exist, then I won’t have any more problems,” De’lonta told the Associated Press.

No trouble is so tall that it can’t be cut down to size with a little self-mutilation.

De’lonta said that if her [sic] bid is unsuccessful, she’s [sic] likely to try self-surgery yet again — even though it could kill her [sic].

If this poor freak ends up bleeding to death from self-inflicted wounds, the media moonbats who indulge his grotesque delusions by obsequiously calling him “she” ought to be tried for collusion.

Michael Stokes, one messed-up criminal.

On tips from Jander, Viking04, Muddypaw, and Dean. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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