Stupid Ideas 101: Combining Pig Roast With Burning WTC Image

Could this be considered a case of political correctness, or, simply a case of “some ideas are so stupid that I’m not sure how you actually did this“?

Saskatchewan’s opposition New Democratic Party is slamming an advertisement distributed in a government-held constituency announcing a fundraising dinner that includes an image of the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in flames and refers to a pig roast.

The poster is for Saskatchewan Party member of the legislature and provincial Environment Minister Nancy Heppner.

The MLA for the rural seat of Martensville, north of Saskatoon, says she brings in a motivational speaker – and serves roast pig – every year.

The guest speaker in April will be a firefighter who was trapped in the World Trade Center on 9/11, but escaped.

Heppner is part of the Saskatchewan Party, supposedly a “center-right” party full of “Progressive Conservative and Liberal Party” members. In other words, lefties. (If anyone more familiar with Canadian politics wants to rebut me on that, I am open. I did not simply take Wikipedia’s word for it, but searched other sites. Their politics sure seem far left). Unsurprisingly, she and another do not get it

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall and Heppner have both apologized for any hurt feelings.

Heppner says she had no idea anyone would find the poster offensive.

Then she is a complete idiot.

She said the posters have already been delivered to mailboxes in her constituency and she has not heard from anyone with a complaint about the content.

“We feel badly if anybody has been offended by this,” Heppner said. “It was never our intention. It was one of the most tragic days in our collective history, not just for the United States but for Canada. And it would make me feel horrible if people were offended by this.”

And there you get the typical liberal non-apology apology, with a dash of “it’s all about me”.

I understand why they had the graphic of a burning WTC, as their special guest is a surviving firefighter, but, still, the whole idea of the poster is more reminiscent of a bunch of people getting really drunk, followed by those famous pre-hospital words “hey, y’all. Watch this!”

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