Transgender Parents Prepare to Tell Kids That Mom Is Really Dad, Dad Is Really Mom

You have to commiserate with kids growing up today, not only because Obama et al. have spent their future, but because no other generation has ever been raised amid twisted lunacy like this:

A transgender couple are preparing to tell their children when they get older that their father actually gave birth to them and the person that they call their mother is in fact their father.

Bianca and Nick Bowser are a happily married couple and live in Kentucky with their two young sons.

Nick, 27, was born a girl, called Nicole, but for the last seven years has lived as a man.

Bianca, 32, who is a drag artist, was born as a boy called Jason, and transitioned to live as a woman 11 years ago.

The transgender couple still have their original sex organs because they cannot afford reconstructive surgery.

Cost shouldn’t be an issue. If ObamaCare doesn’t cover this yet, it soon will. Or they could commit treason and get taxpayers to cover their sex changes. Just ask Bradley Manning. Alternatively, they could raise funds by turning their warped parody of a family into a reality show. I suspect that they are understandably hesitant to go through with the nightmarish surgical procedures.

This is the sort of psychiatric pathology we are now expected to regard as normal, even to celebrate:

Nick fell pregnant with Kai in 2010, but struggled to cope with living as a man with a baby bump.

[She] says: ‘I didn’t enjoy it. I’m a man and it’s just not easy doing something so feminine, but I coped and we were both so happy when Kai came along.’

For her second pregnancy,

Unable to bear the thought of natural birth, Nick opted for caesarean. ‘It cut out part of the very female process of giving birth.’

The progressives who rule us from their thrones in the government and media promote this sort of depravity at every opportunity, and have virtually criminalized criticism of it, for reasons that are only comprehensible in the context of cultural Marxism.

The modern family.

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