Welfare Abuser Brags About “Stealing” Money From Taxpayers

Welfare Abuser Brags About “Stealing” Money From Taxpayers

Some people sure do seem to enjoy leeching off of the taxpayers.


A woman called into a KLBJ News Radio show to spike the football and celebrate the fact that she is on welfare living it up while most folks are out there working hard all day.

She called in to brag about how she gets to sit home all day and she gets to ”visit my friends all day” as well as ”smoke weed” instead of working for a paycheck. The woman claimed to be getting about $450 altogether in food stamps.

The woman told the radio host, “Can you really blame us?? The caller, Lucy, goes on to claim that while her husband works part-time, he doesn’t really work that much because “he doesn’t see the need for it.

…The woman goes on to ask an incredibly valid question, “Why should I work?” She also says, “We’re the one’s getting paid, can you really blame us?”

Like she says, why should she work? Not only are we paying her bills, but according to liberals, we owe her a living. In fact, the only reason she’s in that position is because we have such a rotten society that’s full of “income inequality.” So, why shouldn’t she sit at home and spend her time smoking weed and talking to her friends? Liberals don’t have an answer to that because they’re okay with it and because they’re okay with it, they’re producing more and more welfare parasites like Lucy.

So now, the question becomes, “Are the American people okay with it?” If they’re not, they need to vote the Democrats out of office so we can be represented by people in D.C. who aren’t okay with it.

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