17 Random 140 Character Thoughts

* As far as I am concerned, any 3rd party candidate running under the “Tea Party” label is a wacko or Dem stalking horse.

* Don’t help legitimize groups like the NAACP, La Raza, & MEChA. They don’t represent their race, they rep liberals.

* The spin about how the public likes certain parts of the health bill ignores the fact that the whole bill polls like typhoid

* “I, for one, genuinely wish that the climate crisis were an illusion.” — Al Gore | Your wish has been granted, Al.

* Who says the parties can’t come together? Republicans have supported the Patriot Act for years & now Dems love it too!

* The Abe Lincoln loathing in some quarters may be intellectually defensible, but it’s wrong & unexplainable to the public.

* If Obama wins & we get Canadian style healthcare, where will Canadian premiers be able to go to get heart surgery?

* I see nothing wrong w/ destroying the careers of big government Republicans before they destroy the party & the country

* told a reporter that I didn’t want the GOP running the Tea Party movement because they were too dumb to handle it

* Tip for peeps making horror films: Country folk won’t tolerate dangerous clans of cannibal crazies living near us

* Know what would be awesome? A conservative woman who did the Lady Gaga costumes. It would certainly make Fox more fun

* Worst semi-new trend: Viruses served up by ads on websites. They’re getting more and more common.

* You can’t get all freaked out about taking a few risks. The only people playing it completely safe are the dead.

* The equivalent of the birthers: People who believe John Kerry actually won the 2004 election.

* The Founding Fathers designed the Constitution to try to protect us from people like Obama, Reid, & Pelosi

* How’s Cornyn’s Crist endorsement looking today? Who was right? The bloggers who said it was a mistake or the NRSC?

* If you see a story about a noose somewhere, you can just about flip a coin. Heads: Racist or obtuse moron. Tails: Faker

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