23 Random 140 Character Thoughts

Will Obama snatch defeat from victory in Afghanistan and Iraq? It’s entirely possible. Worst. President. In. US. History.

David Brooks is a pitiful man who makes a living pretending to be a Republican. It’s truly pathetic way to make a living.

The idea that Democrats were hurt, not helped, by not passing an unpopular health care bill in 1994 is wacky.

How long is Obama going to keep voting present while our men are dying in Afghanistan? Act like a POTUS & make a decision

I’m not sure how any decent human being can like or support a rude, immoral, dishonest, incompetent like Barney Frank.

The TARP program was a poorly conceived, net negative for the economy. Didn’t support it then, don’t support it now.

Public option? Hmmm. No. Competitive option? Not really. Government option? Oh yeah, that’s it.

I don’t want to “rid the GOP’ of RINOS. I just think that since conservatives have the numbers, we should run things.

Know what selfish is? It’s taking tax dollars, giving it away to get votes, and then claiming you’re compassionate.

Isn’t it a little bit bizarre that so much of the MSM is focused on attacking Republicans when Democrats run everything?

The flood of endorsements Hoffman has been getting? Like a snowflake. When the Rubio/Crist primary gets closer? Blizzard

If you’re out to change the world, you should have picked a profession other than journalism.

It’s funny that Fox, which Obama says isn’t “real” news, seems to be breaking most of the big stories about his admin

Obama hasn’t even been in office for a year and he has already descended into Nixonesque paranoia and vengeance.

The bad behavior of animals, including mine at times, is the fault of their owners, not of the animal.

It’s not amazing that the Democrats in Congress are so incredibly corrupt. It’s that they got this corrupt, this fast.

“You can’t ‘fix’ people. You can only give ’em a shoulder to lean on. They have to do the rest themselves.”

These industries cooperating with the Dems to get health care through are fools. Never believe the wolf when it promises to eat you last.

Has anyone noticed that the biggest racists in American society are often the first ones to yell “racist?”

The only thing that slows the Left’s slander machine down is “They might do it to us, too.” So, use their tactics on them

This healthcare bill will put gov’t over people’s shoulders all day long. At meals, at the gym, at hobbies, at the doctor

America =’s pearls. Swine =’s the Obama admin. Now, as expected, they’re trampling it beneath their feet.

I thought it was a mistake to bring McConnell back as Minority Leader. If he stops Obamacare and Cap & Trade, I was wrong

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