25 Random 140 Character Thoughts

by John Hawkins | September 16, 2009 5:01 pm

* Old & busted: Obama won’t win the presidency because he’s black. New hotness: Americans won’t support Obama’s agenda because he’s black.

* I love the fact that the race card has been so overused that it has transformed from a trump card to a mere Two of Club

* I reject Obama and the Left’s ability to decide what’s racist & what’s not. If conservatives don’t agree, it ain’t racist

* #liberalchildrensbooks One fish, two fish, red fish, you’re a racist!

* I don’t personally fly a Confederate flag, but it’s not racist to do so. It’s about heritage to most Southerners.

* Obama’s idea of “transparency” is to be more opaque than Bush but repeat the word “transparency” a lot.

* If Barack Obama were capable of shame, he’d feel it for siding with an ousted dictator over democracy in Honduras.

* Turning 9/11 into a “day of service” dishonors the dead. Somebody killed 3000 Americans! Forget it and go plant a tree.

* The fact that Andrew Sullivan is a stoner explains so much about his incoherent, lazy, paranoid thinking.

* If Mary Jo Kopechne had been the one to crawl out of that car in 69, it would be a better country today. Just saying…

* When the likes of Bill Ayers and Van Jones don’t qualify as the “fringe” to mainstream liberals, I wonder who would?

* Liberal “reasoning”: The only way to prevent huge Dem losses in 2010 is to pass a trainwreck of a healthcare bill that America hates

* When are some conservatives in Congress going to have the courage to speak up about the NRSC’s anti-conservative bent?

* WorldNetDaily is 80% good content, 10% good journalism, and 10% batsh*t crazy lunacy peddled by con artists and cynics.

* I nominate Mark Sanford for the most annoying GOP Governor award. 1st prize is a cup of “would you shut up already!”

* Given all the favorable media attention David Frum has gotten, it’s amazing how lil traffic he gets. His blog is a fail.

* I don’t get the idea that what the GOP really needs to win is more wonks using 25 cent words and talking about how great Russell Kirk was.

* The people falsely applying the term “torture” to techniques that were used at Gitmo are helping the terrorists

* Why term limits? % wise, there are very, very few people in Congress who’ve been around more than 2-3 terms who are good for the country.

* Many talk about the war w/Iraq. Few mention that war could’ve been avoided if Europe had been serious about sanctions.

* I feel sorry for Caster Semenya. One day she’s on top of the world w/ a gold medal, the next she’s the world’s most famous hermaphrodite.

* 9999 times out of 10,000, there is no such thing as “excessive or disproportionate violence” against a burglar.

*Sending messages into space is foolish. Any species that can get here will be so tech superior we’d be at their mercy.

* One day, you are going to die. Probably sooner than you expect. Do what you need to do now, while you have the chance.

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25 Random 140 Character Thoughts

by John Hawkins | August 27, 2009 9:26 am

* Dems already want to abort babies. Now they want to pull the plug on Grandma, too. At least they’re now consistent.

* Under Obamacare, the hope will be that you get a life saving operation. The change will be that it’s not available.

* Why wouldn’t the GOP shut down the Senate if Dems tried to push through an unpopular healthcare bill via reconciliation?

* You can hate it or love it, but the most effective voice on the Right in the health care debate has been Sarah Palin.

* So liberals are now arguing on “moral grounds” for a system that’ll deny seniors life saving operations because of cost?

* Guy working on my house: “I want the gov’t to run health care, but I don’t trust these guys to do it right.”

* If health care is a “civil right,” then how long until food, clothing, and housing are “rights?”

* Liberals have aimed more venom at the health care protesters in two weeks than they have at Al-Qaeda since 9/11.

* I love how hysterical the Left gets when their own tactics are used against them. They can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

* Don’t like union thugs assaulting people at Town Halls? Pay them back by not buying GM or Chrysler.

* These blockheads on the Right who keep whining about “death panels.” I just want to shake them and scream “what’s wrong w/ you?”

* The NRSC hasn’t endorsed Fiorina over DeVore in Cali yet. Think it’s because of the beating we gave them over Crist?

* Too many people on the Right talk like wonky nerds & then get upset when others make more appealing arguments.

* When you have Republicans saying, “I really wish Hillary was President,” you know Obama is really stinking it up.

* Gay marriage wouldn’t be as popular w/ young voters if most churches weren’t too complacent to reach out with a strong new media message

* If and when we take up immigration, there’s only one political position that makes sense for the GOP: Security first

* The lamest niche in politics: Explaining what “young people” want. The people doing it always sound like poseurs.

* Know what the Lockerbie bomber release really is? Probably the Brits saying thanks for the lame DVD’s & the iPod, jerk.

* If releasing the Lockerbie bomber is an expression of “Scottish values”, then Scottish values are screwed.

* How do you make the View even more insufferable? By replacing the 1 tolerable host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck w/ Meghan McCain

* Why shouldn’t someone be able to sell their kidney for $20k? Nothing immoral about it and it saves a life.

* When you judge death threats by whether they’re amusing enough to post, does that mean you’ve been blogging too long and have gotten jaded?

* It’s funny how many releases I’ve gotten from libs touting the words of some “important” Republican I’ve never heard of over the last 6 months.

* We have national security plans to deal with global warming now? What next? Pixies? Santa Claus? Oooh, I know: Orcs!

* In America, distrust of government is as American as apple pie and as sensible as locking your door at night

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