EVIL: Liberals Praying For Hurricane Irma To Destroy Trump Family In Florida

by Margaret M. | September 8, 2017 2:59 pm


We’ve been updating and following Hurricane Irma[2], but had to stop to take a moment to check out what the lefties are crying about on social media. As usual, like the bunch of violent communists they are, they hope that people they hate have their things destroyed and call up on God himself to ruin the day of people they don’t like. Lefties in general want more people dead. More dead babies, more dead Americans, especially if they voted for Trump.

So far, at least 23 people have died due to Hurricane Irma and as the day wears on, more deaths and injuries are expected to follow. There will be hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage, people will lose their pets and miss days of work when they are barely keeping their finances in order.

So we have a round-up of some of the worst offenders.

Dane Rauschenberg is a Golden Gloves boxer and marathon runner from Austin, Texas.


And it keeps going:

And of course, long-time Trump troll William LeGate who was shamed off of Twitter when a photo of him on the beach surfaced and everyone made fun of his pepperoni nipples when he had a massive public meltdown.

And then there’s Patrick S. Tomlinson, an author who has written for the New York Times from Milwaukee. If you’re free to browse for a few minutes, Patrick’s entire Twitter account[9] is just a marvel of left-wing anger.


There are lots of others, including people whose belief in the Almighty is resting on whether God will choose to destroy the Winter White House:


They’re the first to bring up God when they want something destroyed, or when they want to shame Christians, aren’t they?

Of course there are conservatives pushing back:


Even Fox News is reporting on the rash of insane tweets, pointing out that several Twitter users were posting the address and GPS coordinates of Mar-A-Lago in some kind of pagan ritual to beg Hurricane Irma to visit and destroy the whole property.

Let’s think for a moment: Even if Mar-A-Lago were destroyed, even if Trump covered the wages of the hundreds of workers who find employment there despite being unable to work for months, the left would still attack him. They’ll never be happy. Too much soy in the diet, I think.

And whoever runs @TheGoodGodAbove Twitter account is also acting like a childish baby (or an adult Democrat).

Lovely people. I’d hate to have to rely on folks like this as my neighbors in a time of crisis.

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