If You’re On Twitter, You Should Be Following This Account….

by John Hawkins | May 21, 2012 12:01 am

This Twitter account is a week old, it’s mine, and if you’re on Twitter, you should DEFINITELY be following it.

I have to beat Romney. Where else will I get another job with this much vacation time? #RomneyEconomics[1]

— BS Barack Obama Says (@bsobamasays) May 15, 2012[2]

Sasha said she heard I was “an arrogant jackass.” I asked if she heard that from Sean Hannity. She said, “No, from Mommy.”

— BS Barack Obama Says (@bsobamasays) May 16, 2012[3]

So I fudged where I was born to try to get a book deal. Big deal! At least I didn’t pretend to be gay like Barney Frank! Oh wait, he is gay?

— BS Barack Obama Says (@bsobamasays) May 17, 2012[4]

Know what the Oval Office could really use? A throne.

— BS Barack Obama Says (@bsobamasays) May 18, 2012[5]

Come on, Michelle, don’t you think a teleprompter in the bed room would really spice things up?

— BS Barack Obama Says (@bsobamasays) May 18, 2012[6]

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