My 25 Fave 140 Character Thoughts For May

by John Hawkins | June 8, 2011 5:27 am

These are from my Twitter account, johnhawkinsrwn[1].

* One of the biggest problems w/ the gov’t is that there’s no consideration of whether taxpayers are getting value for their money

* Proving you’ll die if you kill Americans is a hell of a lot more important than proving we’re more moral than our enemies

* We’re creating an America that will make it structurally impossible for people to be as successful as they were in past generations

* For most of human history, people DID NOT assume life would be better for them than their parents — because it wasn’t.

* Please stop sending me your increasingly far out & silly theories that explain why Obama was really born in Indonesia.

* At the end of the day, most people don’t vote on “principle.” They vote for who they think will make their lives better.

* So, jihadis are calling the area we dumped Bin Laden “Martyr’s Sea?” I think “The Bay of Pigs” has a better ring to it.

* If we did have a 2000 mile long moat filled with alligators, I think border security would be a lot better than it is now

* I notice a lot of stories about Anthony Pellicano’s clients that manage to leave out that he worked for the Clintons

* Nearly half of Detroiters are functionally illiterate. Great job, teacher’s unions!

* “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files.” That should be the most anti-climactic show in television history.

* Got a 10 min “Tai Chi reflexology” foot massage to see what it was like. Verdict: PAINFUL, but it felt good after

* I usually assume that men who do showy public proposals are trying to use it to pressure their reluctant GF’s to say yes.

* I heard if you watch the needle go in, it hurts less. It’s a brain trick. Tested it when I got bloodwork today. It worked

* I also hate plots that revolve around aliens finally getting “love” or appreciating music. That’s so hubristic.

* Spinach is the new lettuce.

* If you’re a single woman & you want men to chase you, you shouldn’t be wearing any kind of ring on your left ring finger

* You don’t peel away layers like an onion to reveal yourself, you add layers to your personality to create yourself

* Change is not always for the better and progress is only a positive if you’re going in the right direction.

* Life is a game with no rules, an infinite number of possible strategies, and whether you “win” or “lose” is almost entirely subjective

* If not for women, men would be wearing sweats & T’s all day, Rolex wouldn’t exist, & nobody would wear cologne

* Doing something dumb in reaction to something dumb does not make you smart

* There can be a heavy price to be paid for being right when most other people are happy being wrong.

* There are few things in life that will bring you more happiness and comfort than bringing happiness and comfort to people you care about

* Evil usually doesn’t think it’s evil, it usually has many apologists, & its supporters typically portray it as a good.

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