My Fave 20 140 Character Thoughts For January

by John Hawkins | February 1, 2011 1:40 am

* Hey Westerners, if life were “fair,” you would probably be a lot poorer, less educated, & living in an unfree society.

* In the real world, there’s no such thing as a “race to the bottom.” Businesses raise the bottom by being there.

* Libs may be able to do what the Nazis & Soviets couldn’t: Destroy America. They used guns. Liberals use debt. Same result

* My advice for kids getting into politics: Do something more normal 1st to get perspective. Politics skews your thinking.

* As I look at Pelosi on Greta, I can’t help but think how far plastic surgery has come. She has smooth skin for a 70 yr old

* Members of Congress shouldn’t be able to lobby Congress after they retire. Cut that $ off & you get better people running

* If I’m ever attacked by 2 kids on the metro, my goal’s for the headline to read “2 kids severely injured in metro attack”

* If you could go back in time and buy a few dozen of of Hitler’s paintings, I wonder if it would have prevented WW2?

* When are gyms going to stop encouraging murder by allowing “deadlifts?” Suggested new name for it: Kitten snuggles

* There’d be a lot of lousy things about being a Smurf, but the worst would be that there’s only one woman of their species

* Zombie movies allow men to imagine themselves as the heroic ideal: One man who can handle an army solo

* It’s funny to listen to rappers complain the police harass them for being black 30 seconds before they brag about being a criminal

* Ironic Facebook message: Only an idiotic Baptist such as yourself would incite Murder! Do the world a favor and kill yourself!- Terry Howard

* I admire my dog for seeing 6 cats and wanting to take on all of them. He’s like Walker, Texas Terrier.

* Don’t be cocky because people USED TO be so ignorant. We’re every bit as ignorant. Only the subjects have changed

* There are individual atheists who’re more moral than individual Christians, but overall Christians are much better people

* If you think the most immoral thing someone can do is say, “That’s immoral,” you’re helping to ruin the world.

* You better not wait on anyone else to take care of you because nobody cares as much about you as you do.

* Helping other people is very important. But, you have to help yourself first or you won’t have anything to help them with.

* If you spend money you don’t have to get your wants, the time will come when you don’t have money for the things you need

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