My Fave 25 140 Character Thoughts For August

by John Hawkins | September 1, 2010 11:10 am

* Sarah Palin blasted Lisa “RINO” Murkowski’s political career like it was a wolf running from her helicopter & I love it

* Some day, when I have a less demanding job, I look forward to taking as many vacations as Obama.

* Women get their nails done and get zillions of shoes for other women, not for men. Men don’t care about that stuff.

* Not the best way to begin your generic form letter to me, “Dear (Contact First Name),”

* Why is it that people who go on & on about tolerance & sensitivity show so little of it to people who disagree w/ them?

* Whether you’re on the wielding or receiving end of the ax has a way of changing your perspective.

* Government condemning business is like a tick condemning a dog for not giving it enough blood.

* If the GOP gets back in power & acts like they did in the Bush years, I want to see their political careers destroyed.

* What’s with conservatives endorsing John McCain for Senator? You KNOW he’s going to betray us. That’s what he does.

* So, when do libs start encouraging each other not to be “divisive” by falsely accusing so many people of being racists?

* We’re 5 years out from Katrina. The gov’t shouldn’t be paying any bills, rent, cash, etc, to any victims at this point

* I suspect if we randomly chose people for terms in Congress jury duty style, it would lead to better gov’t than we have

* I’m really glad Ted Olson didn’t end up on the SCOTUS. I worry he’d have been another Souter.

* Almost anything that lessens the reach, authority, and power of the Gov’t is good for America, freedom, & conservatism

* Even if you became a citizen yesterday, this country’s great history belongs to you as much as any other American.

* The Left has become so reactionary it even supports defiling Ground Zero just because conservatives are against it

* When the Constitution becomes nothing more than whatever liberals think is politically correct, the law is whatever you can get away with

* We don’t need a more tolerant society. Our society is too tolerant for its own good already.

* If the American people don’t expect competency, honesty, & decency from politicians in DC, they’re not likely to get it

* Sandra Day O’Connor’s husband got Alzheimer’s, forgot about her, and fell in love w/ someone else? Unbelievably sad story

* Imam Rauf’s idea of “community outreach”: Trashing America, desecrating Ground Zero & accusing dissenters of Islamophobia

* Nobody wants to hear Republican primary losers kvetch about the winners. You lost, get over it & show some class.

* People might like intellectuals more if most them weren’t such unimpressive, impractical poseurs.

* Biggest problem Christians have today: Most Pastors are Ken dolls w/out the cahones to stand up for what they believe.

* Accepting that you create most of the problems in your own life is the first step towards real freedom.

* The idea that the middle path between two extremes must be the right one because it’s moderate is smug & lazy thinking

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