Abortion: Leftists Don’t Represent Majority Opinion

Most Americans want abortion outlawed or greatly reduced, while only approximately 30% of Democrats want abortion always legal:

As of 2009, 33 percent of Republicans say abortions should always be illegal and another 54 percent say they should only be legal in certain circumstances. That’s 88 percent of Republicans who want abortions prohibited or limited while just 12 percent want them legal in every circumstance.

Conversely, 12 percent of Democrats want all abortions illegal and 53 percent want them limited to certain circumstances — still much higher than the 31 percent who want all abortions to remain legal.

Independents see 17 percent wanting all abortions illegal and 57 percent who take the certain circumstances position. Just 20 percent of independents favor keeping all abortions legal.

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A huge percent of the populace have left a political party. So one third of Democrats means a lot less than it used to, but I think it’s interesting don’t you?

I’m not good at statistics, so if any of you are, let me know. But would this mean that a very small percentage of the overall population is for unrestricted abortion? And yet, they control the legislation and funding for abortion as if everyone wants funded abortions for all.

And they don’t even ask about funding. I’m willing to bet that even for those okay with infanticide might want to not pay for it. Or not.

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