Big Government Solutions Are Not “Practically Pro-Life”

by Counter Cultured | January 17, 2015 10:42 pm

Below is my response to “Practically pro-life,”[1] which was written by Billy McMahon[2] for The Observer, a newspaper at my alma mater University of Notre Dame. McMahon claims we should stop focusing on abortion in politics but then argues we should pursue big government fiscal solutions, like government-funded sex education, healthcare, and contraception, to decrease abortion rates in our nation. It amazes me that he didn’t propose local level, private solutions to making America more pro-life, like promoting crisis pregnancy centers, activating the Church to spur cultural renewal, and encouraging the poor to turn to private charities for financial help. Clearly, subsidiarity is the real solution here, not more big government solutions that keep poor people in poverty and the culture of death alive. I submitted this response to The Observer, but not surprisingly, they chose not to publish it. So much for the “Catholic” University of Notre Dame for being a beacon of free speech.

Billy McMahon assumes the position of champion to the poor and the working class, defender of sexually active teens and universal health care, and promoter of sexual “liberation” and “freely available contraception,” yet fails to acknowledge the voiceless innocent victims of abortion: the unborn children. To McMahon, 1,000,000 American defenseless lives lost each year are a “political distraction.” Murder in a clinic is not worthy of his list of “the biggest threats to human life and dignity.” McMahon’s sweeping judgment that pro-life advocates forsake other social issues due to an “obsessive focus on abortion, homosexuality and pre-marital sex” fails to acknowledge the validity of opinions other than his own. McMahon presumes to speak for Jesus while attacking Christians, the Church, profit-making insurance companies, the rich and politicians. Yet, McMahon’s angry rant transparently belies the extreme liberal agenda: redistribution of wealth, “free” contraception, mandatory universal healthcare, abortion-on-demand, compulsory sexual education for children, and “sexual liberation,” including inherent misnomers like “responsible sex” and “safe sex.” McMahon is ignorant when he reprimands the largest and most effective charity organization in the world of not caring enough for the poor. He is omissive in not discussing the physical, emotional and spiritual consequences of abortion. McMahon is deceitful by not acknowledging abstinence as the best deterrent to abortion, and disingenuous for not mentioning adoption as a viable alternative to abortion. Hubris, hate, and hypocrisy often blind the once well-intentioned. Since when are 1,000,000 lives lost annually a “political distraction”?

Let me know what you think of my response. Feel free to let people like McMahon know what we conservatives really stand for when it comes to reducing abortion rates in our country. We shouldn’t let people like him speak for us.

This blog post was written by Johnny Whichard [3]at Counter Cultured.
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