Breaking! Baby Has A Right To Life…Court Ruling

Breaking! Baby Has A Right To Life…Court Ruling

Ireland has ruled that the unborn are not only legally viewed as live human beings, but have other rights as well. I am thrilled on principle because I am a big defender of the unborn. However, what bothers me here is that they are using this ruling in deportation hearings. That means if a an illegal immigrant is pregnant, she can’t just be deported because of the rights of the child. Remember Long Shanks in the movie ‘Braveheart’? “If we can’t get them out, we’ll breed them out.” This is an invasion tactic. Go into a country and impregnate women there, inserting your superior genes into the mix. I fear that may be part of this ruling.



The Irish Times reports that  Mr Justice Richard Humphreys said that the unborn child, including the unborn child of a parent facing deportation, enjoys “significant” rights and legal position at common law, by statute, and under the Constitution, “going well beyond the right to life alone”.

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The judgement was made in a judical review of a deportation order. mail App

Mr Justice Humphreys said many of those rights were “actually effective” rather than merely prospective.

He also said that Article 42a of the Constitution, inserted by a 2012 referendum, obliges the State to protect “all” children and that because an “unborn” is “clearly a child”, Article 42a applied to all children “both before and after birth”.

Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute said that this was a significant ruling which confirmed that the unborn baby was deserving of all the rights and protections to which every other person was entitled. She added that the ruling was a blow to those who were seeking to discriminate against children before birth and who argued that the preborn child was not fully human or entitled to human rights.

They are claiming the ruling is significant so that children cannot be discriminated against ‘before’ birth. At first, I thought that meant saving them from abortion. But I read it more carefully. This definitely deals with both deporting illegal immigrants and the halting of abortions and is very troubling. On the other hand, this will also protect the child from being murdered in the womb, so I am torn. I hope they were careful with the wording or attorneys will have a field day with this one. The unborn are humans, with human rights, but that should not be mixed up with illegal immigrants and deportation policies. Just sayin’.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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