Democrat Lawmakers Pass Bill Giving FREE Abortions To Illegal Immigrants

Democrat Lawmakers Pass Bill Giving FREE Abortions To Illegal Immigrants

Well now, just when you think that things in this country couldn’t get anymore twisted or disgusting…it does just that and gets even more twisted and disgusting. The left has now passed a bill in Oregon that would now provide free abortions for all females in the state and that includes illegal immigrants as well.


Now we are providing murder rights to illegals as well.

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Following the state House’s approval of this bill, the liberal leaders took no time in condemning President Donald Trump’s pro-life agenda, just as you would expect demon spawn to do.

Lawmakers spoke as if they themselves were heroes for making this happen. “While the Trump Administration and Congressional Republicans in D.C. continue their efforts to slash access to women’s health, Democrats in the Oregon House today stood up to preserve and expand comprehensive reproductive health care to all Oregonians,”

Upon this they also added the following:

House Bill 3391, the Reproductive Health Equity Act, ensures that all Oregonians receive the full range of preventative reproductive health services they need at zero out-of-pocket cost – regardless of their income, citizenship status, gender identity, or type of insurance.

The bill passed, 33-23, with no Republican votes and one Democrat joining Republicans, and now heads to the state Senate.

In celebrating the passage of the bill, Oregon Democrats rebuked Republican-led state legislatures:

Republican-led legislatures in other states have been cutting reproductive care through draconian budget cuts and legislation making it harder for women to access critical services. Republican politicians in Washington D.C. are attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would cause Oregonians to lose no-cost preventative reproductive health care and essential benefits. With HB 3391, Oregon will be moving boldly in the opposite direction, protecting and expanding access.

“I believe that affordable access to reproductive health care shouldn’t depend on who you are, where you live, or how much you earn,” state Rep. Julie Fahey says in the press statement. “Health care is a basic human right.” she added apparently forgetting that we already have numerous
Americans suffering from overpriced health care.

So hey, why not add in illegal immigrants to the same program that is failing already, that won’t hurt any right? Wrong, that was total sarcasm. However, that is not all…more garbage was said on the matter. Like this:

“For people living paycheck to paycheck, denying coverage for abortion or birth control can jeopardize a family’s financial security and push them deeper into poverty,” the state House Majority Leader stated.

Their logic, is not logic but the results of having their heads up their butts. But wait, there is more:

“When everyone in our community has access to health care—including contraception, reproductive health services like STD diagnosis and treatment, pre- and post-partum care, and abortion—it improves the health of individuals, families, and entire communities,” stated Rep. Jeff Barker arrogantly during the press release. Again…the logic of asshats.

This bill is going to be a $10 million measure that focuses on reproductive rights and it would also require that all insurance companies there in Oregon make it a mandatory thing to cover these abortions for ANY reason. Regardless of income, insurance plan, citizenship status, sexual orientation or gender identity. How is something like this so easily created in a country that is now quite divided on these very issues? Nothing makes sense anymore.

These Democrat lawmakers went even further to say: “It also requires that the Oregon Health Authority implement a program to reimburse the costs of reproductive health services to individuals who would be eligible for medical assistance if not for their immigration status,”

The bill earmarks some $500,000 for the Oregon Health Plan – the state’s Medicaid plan – for the approximately 22,873 illegal women immigrants, the Washington Times reports.

The measure also states it:

[P]rohibits interference by public body in consenting individual’s choice to terminate pregnancy. Prohibits public body’s interference with health care provider terminating or assisting in termination of pregnancy of health care provider’s patient, if health care provider is acting within scope of provider’s license.

Republicans attempted to block the measure with a failed motion to return it to committee. Democrats have the majority in both the state House and Senate and Gov. Kate Brown is also a Democrat.

Republican state Rep. Jodi Hack described the vote Saturday as “the saddest day I have experienced in the Oregon Legislature,” according to the Times.

I happen to agree with her. We already have shown that protecting ‘human life’ is not of the utmost importance to us through the abortion laws that continue to stand in place, now we are spreading that idea and making it okay for illegal immigrants as well? They can come, they can make bad decisions, then erase the innocent life that comes as a result? It is heartbreaking, and it is wrong.

Jonathan Lockwood, who is the communications director for the Senate Republican Caucus had a few words on the topic himself:

“This highly contentious bill isn’t about health care or about people, it is a political gift card to Planned Parenthood,”

“Oregon has arguably the most liberal abortion laws in the country,” asserted GOP state Rep. Sherrie Sprenger. “I am disappointed that our effort to add some common sense to our laws was rejected today.”

“This terrible legislation is just another example of how Oregon’s largest abortion provider’s only real concern is for their financial bottom line,” Atteberry said. “The Oregon Health Authority testified [Thursday] that HB 3391-B will provide almost $500,000 more for abortions. Make no mistake: most of this money is going to Planned Parenthood.”

None of this makes any sense at all. Abortions aren’t healthcare, they are murder. This is what happens when you vote idiots into office. Consequences of such decisions follow, and in this case the consequences are deadly.

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