Don’t even try to argue with Ben. He’ll win every time. [VIDEO]

Don’t even try to argue with Ben. He’ll win every time. [VIDEO]

Man, I just love Ben Shapiro. He’s one of the brightest conservative intellects out there and if you try to go toe to toe with Ben on abortion, he’ll own you. Ben sees it just the way I do… Planned Parenthood is comprised of genocidal butchers… mass murderers of the unborn. Why in hell would I ever give money to them? I think they shouldn’t just be defunded, they should be shut down and those who are complicit in the abortion mill business should be thrown in a deep, dark pit of a prison for the rest of their miserable lives.

Shapiro was giving a lecture in front of college students and as he argued with a young woman about abortion in the case of rape, the overwhelming majority of students there wildly applauded him. Once again, he sees it as I do… abortion is only acceptable when the mother’s life is in jeopardy. One horrific event does not justify another. Ben offered to take money out of his own pocket to help someone in that circumstance in order to save the life of the child. That’s a lot more than liberals do. Their answer is always the death of the child.

From Young Conservatives:

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There are very few people who can navigate and debunk liberal arguments like Ben Shapiro.

The guy is just a genius. Plain and simple.

There’s a video of him talking about abortion that’s going viral and it really speaks volumes about Ben’s ability to take liberal arguments and undress them in front of a large group of people.

He was asked about abortion in the case of rape.

Check it out.


Typically, when you have to resort to outrageous hypothetical scenarios it means that your argument isn’t strong.

If the basis of your argument is “oh, what about people who are raped” then all you are doing is pulling on heart strings. You aren’t actually making a case about the morality of abortion. If you had a solid argument that was legitimate on its merits you wouldn’t need to resort to emotional hypotheticals.

The rape argument is a very weak one considering the fact that there are ways to address a possible pregnancy very early on before abortion even needs to be considered but that’s really got nothing to do with the overall conversation.

Notice how these leftists always find the worst and most pathetic case to justify abortion for all. Ben asked her if the rape victim was disabled and a cancer victim as well… his point being that these people use the worst case scenario to widely justify infanticide. Their argument is weak and specious and Ben was having none of it. He obliterated this person’s argument and he didn’t even break a sweat doing it.

Is it a human life we are talking about? If you say yes, to kill the child is murder. The problem is the left justifies it by saying it is not a life, which is a lie. At conception, the child is human and they damn well know it. They romanticize murder of the unborn because they are an inconvenience to them. And that evil logic could be used on the infirm or the elderly. Mass murdering dictators have used it forever. That’s the mentality here and it is the darkest, most evil side of human nature. I would also ask this woman if she is for wiping out black people, because that is what Margaret Sanger intended when she started all this. It’s genocide, it’s infanticide, it’s the butchery of the most helpless among us… it’s Planned Parenthood who kills 300,000 babies a year.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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