Millennials: Crisis Pregnancy Centers Need Your Help

by Counter Cultured | October 6, 2014 9:37 am

by Anna Maria Hoffman[1]
This past weekend, I volunteered at Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center in Washington, D.C. with the St. Peter’s Young Adults on Capitol Hill group. It is a faith-based crisis pregnancy center that provides counseling and abortion alternative services to women and men who are facing crisis pregnancies. Other resources include parenting classes, baby clothes, and pregnancy tests.

Having been involved in the pro-life movement for the past three years, I was very eager to volunteer at this pregnancy center and see pro-life values in action in our nation’s capital. In the past, the only pro-life charity event I attended was Divine Mercy Care’s 5K “Run for the Unborn” last year. It was an experience I greatly cherished since our donations benefited expectant mothers.

As volunteers, our main task involved preparing mailings to donors to inform them about the center’s upcoming banquet featuring Fox News Channel’s Kelly Wright on October 17th and update them about renovations the center underwent over the summer. This is what the center looked like previously, but its exterior is now white and looks very polished. I was amazed to hear this building has an incredible history behind it; in fact, it was once a Safeway store.

Most of us stuffed envelopes, but one of the volunteers in our group helped the center with some light cleaning. Besides helping with mailings and cleaning, volunteers can sort donations, maintain the center, and do data entry. You can find more volunteering opportunities with the center here.

If you live near Capitol Hill, I highly suggest volunteering at this wonderful crisis pregnancy center, which helps transform the lives of many who live in the area. Their passion for defending the unborn, their mothers, and new families is beautifully demonstrated in their work. (If you would like to volunteer with the center, go to this link for more information.)

Our generation is known as the pro-life generation. Even abortion activists admitted last year their movement is losing steam and lacking a youth backbone. That is why crisis pregnancy centers are more important now than ever in restoring a culture of life in our great nation. Nothing beats local level charity when it comes to restoring the dignity of human life in our culture because it can change hearts and minds more than any piece of legislation ever could.

For that very reason, I encourage our generation to volunteer at local crisis pregnancy centers in their area. By lending their talents to these centers, our generation can help them become life-transforming beacons of hope for expectant mothers who cannot afford vital resources for their unborn children. They can especially help these centers convince expectant mothers there are safe, loving, and humanitarian alternatives to abortion.

Also, I encourage pro-life millennials to bring their pro-choice or abortion-indifferent friends with them when they volunteer at these centers. If we want to change more hearts and minds, we have to show our generation how crisis pregnancy centers are better alternatives to pro-abortion places like Planned Parenthood for women, men, and unborn children. By showing them these beautiful alternatives in our own communities, we can help them understand abortion is not as great as the pro-choice movement claims it to be. 

Our generation, the pro-life generation, can play a pivotal role in the movement to restore a culture of life to our nation by lending a helping hand to crisis pregnancy centers in their respective areas. Our generation can truly show America that private means to discouraging abortion are pro-child, pro-women solutions that reduce poverty and provide hope for women, men, and babies.

This blog post was originally published[2] on Counter Cultured’s “Charity” column.

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