Pregnancy Center Burned: Domestic Abortion-Rights Terrorists Suspected?

A pregnancy assistance center was attacked:

Whiteriver, AZ ( — A pregnancy center in rural eastern Arizona that serves a predominantly native American population was severely burned in what appears to be an arson attack. The Living Hope Women’s Center clinic has closed indefinitely as a result of a fire that gutted a portion of the building on December 20.

And this will adversely affect the community:

The center president told the newspaper that ATF officials asked her if the pregnancy center was involved in anything controversial that might have sparked a hate crime.

“The agent very gingerly asked if we were involved in ‘anything controversial’ in our ministry,” she said. “You can imagine what they hear about Crisis Pregnancy Centers, abortion clinic bombings and the like. I assured him that even though we are a CPC ), our work was mostly pre-natal and parenting and that the culture in Whiteriver is very pro-life.”

She told the newspaper the apparent arson will set the pregnancy center back quite a bit financially and logistically.

“When we think of everything we had in there it is a bit overwhelming. We had just gotten two new computers, a new ultrasound machine, a very large screen TV and of course our beautiful, huge Mommy Store. But these are things that can be replaced. One greater challenge will be where do we go from here?” Monahan asked.

She is concerned because the availability of buildings in Whiteriver is very scarce.

Monahan indicated the Whiteriver pregnancy center had 400-600 visits every month from the low-income people who live in the community.

“As our staff stood outside the building, clients would come and cry as they looked at the devastation,” she said. “This ministry is so loved by so many there. We are looking at our options, one which is to lease a large lot and build or place a modular on it. Whatever we do, build, remodel or use a modular, we feel strongly that the people of Whiteriver are the ones who should do it.”

Well, the crime, since it was on a reservation, is a federal crime. It will be interesting to find out who committed this attack.

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