Tucker Carlson DEMOLISHES Pro-Abortion Liberal Jehmu Greene Over FEDERAL Funded Abortion! [VIDEO]

Tucker Carlson DEMOLISHES Pro-Abortion Liberal Jehmu Greene Over FEDERAL Funded Abortion! [VIDEO]

Tucker Carlson is the politest bulldog I know. He always warmly welcomes his guests and then proceeds to eviscerate most of them. It is a wonder to behold. What is even more amazing is that these brain dead liberals dare to accept an invitation to spar with Tucker on air. I’ve never seen him lose yet. Most liberals come away bloody and raving, without having the slightest idea what just hit them. It was no different with Democrat Jehmu Greene concerning Planned Parenthood.

Tucker’s logic and argument was unassailable. President Trump told Planned Parenthood that they would still get their funding if they simply stopped doing abortions. Since Planned Parenthood claims that is a small part of what they do, you’d think it would be no biggie. Unless of course they are lying, which they are. They want their yearly millions AND infanticide or no deal. Greene started off with the talking point that none of the federal money given to Planned Parenthood went directly for abortions. She admonished Tucker to tell the truth. He did. She didn’t. That money is ‘fungible’. It gets shifted around, so other dollars can do their butchery. Why doesn’t Greene try telling the truth?


From TheBlaze:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson got a heated debate with Democrat Jehmu Greene over Planned Parenthood funding on his show Friday night, so heated that the debate became a shouting match several times.

Carlson began the segment by explaining President Donald Trump’s recent proposal to Planned Parenthood: that if the organization would stop providing abortions, then he would have no problems giving the organization its $500 million in taxpayer funds each year.

Planned Parenthood has said they aren’t interested in the proposal because they want to continue providing abortions. So that led Carlson to wonder a simple question: If Planned Parenthood’s services are so vital to women, and if abortions make up a tiny percent of their business — like they claim — why aren’t they willing to stop providing abortions so they can continue to collect tax payer funding?

Carlson directed that question to Greene — who refused to answer it.

“Why are abortions to important to Planned Parenthood, if the rest of what they do is more important, why not just give up the abortions, everyone will be happy, they can continue to do the cancer screenings,” Carlson pressed. “Why won’t they do that?”

“Tucker, abortions are a legal medical procedure in this country and that’s something you’re just gonna have to reckon with,” Greene responded.

The debate devolved into a shouting match, which is what happens when liberals run out of arguments to justify their actions. Greene would not answer why Planned Parenthood would not give up abortions for $500 million a year. She merely said it was a legal medical procedure and to just live with it. Well, there are a whole bunch of babies who aren’t ‘living’ with it, so I don’t blame Carlson for savaging this moonbat. “You’re not going to answer my question, are you,” Carlson asked. Greene then began to imply that Carlson’s question was sexist. She actually threw the sexist card… next up, the racist card.

“Answer this question Tucker: Why is it that you’re so against big government on every issue except for when it comes to my uterus and my vagina,” she said. “Can you imagine if the government would say, ‘Lets legislate your penis.’ That’s not ever something that will be allowed by you or any of your male counterparts and it’s time that we get past this issue.” Notice she relies on lady bits as an argument… not the truth which is they are committing murder.

Tucker closed with asking how many mammograms Planned Parenthood provided last year. Greene wouldn’t answer. So, having had enough of liberal bull crap for one evening, he ended the confrontation. Game, set, match to Tucker again. But that won’t stop this shrew from defending and promoting the butchery of the unborn. She considers it her right as a woman… I consider it her crime as a human being.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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